Friday, 22 January 2021
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thieving croupier

croupier steals from casino sydney

Casino Sydney Invests Heavily in Security After Thieving Croupier

Casinos are a place where a lot of money is involved. It is therefore an industry where one must unfortunately be extra vigilant for criminal activities. Just like all other industries where a lot of cash is used. Sometimes a casino is robbed with all the nasty consequences for the staff. Also, casinos are of course extra alert to people who try to cheat in order to defraud the casino. But what for the casinos most of all must feel like betrayal is when one of their own employees turns out to be cheating on things. The Star Casino in Sydney also found out.

Stealing Croupier

The ball around the thieving croupier started to roll when the Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph published an article on camera footage from the casino that they had gotten their hands on. These images show how a croupier from the Star Casino in Sydney secretly fishes a chip worth 5,000 Australian dollars (about 3,100 euros) out of the container with chips and then puts it in his sock.

Major Investment Security

The Star Casino is the only large, Las Vegas-style casino in Sidney and after the Crown Casino in Melbourne, where the Aussie Millions are played every year, it is the second largest casino in Australia. Recently, the casino has partnered with investors from Hong Kong. As part of this cooperation, an investment of 500 million Australian dollars was already planned. Partly to further expand the casino, but also to further improve security.

The update of the security was already planned, but after the release of the images of the thieving croupier, Star Casino has announced that they will invest no less than ten million Australian dollars in additional security measures in the next few months.

CCTV Cameras with Face Recognition Software

A lot of effort is put into the use of CCTV cameras with facial recognition software. This technology has been around for some time now, but has recently made huge leaps and bounds. The images can be linked to a database that contains images of offenders. In this way, Star Casino hopes to keep fraud in the casino to a minimum.

However, we are curious to see to what extent these CCTV cameras will actually offer extra protection. When it comes to cheating visitors, these cameras, and certainly the facial recognition, can indeed come in handy. But the croupier was caught with the old cameras and is now on a blacklist of unreliable casino staff anyway. We don’t quite see how the investment of ten million euros should stop this kind of thing in the future. But then again, we don’t have our own casino.