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The Casino Review of Club Rocky

Located in Rockdale and one of Australia’s oldest casino clubs, Club Rocky’s has a variety of features and offers members the opportunity to win cash in various ways. Although Club Rocky’s is a casino, it does not have a casino.

club rockey's casino

To participate in the numerous events and activities, a person must combine Club Rocky’s, which offers two types of membership: membership rates are $5.50 for one year or $15.00 for three decades. Joining the club, created in 1920, gives access to restaurants, discounts, games and events.

Games and Draws

As mentioned earlier, Club Rocky’s does not offer typical casino games such as electronic slot machines and table games. However, there are many ways to participate in sweepstakes, play poker or enjoy bingo. Every week, members have the chance to earn thousands of dollars. When you win and what you win, most of the time depends on the luck of the draw. The more you play any casino games at Club Rocky’s, the better your chances of winning some extra money.

Spectacular casino games

Bingo is played practically every day, and Joker Poker is very popular. 20 games of bingo at Club Rocky’s buy-in are $4, contributing to a free poker game. To be a winner of the Joker Poker game, players must select the Joker card. Lucky 7s “weekly draw includes thousands of dollars in prizes, and it’s a welcome addition for people who love horse racing. Just imagine the horse you want to purchase in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Incredible prices

In addition, day members can enjoy live sporting events while taking advantage of the club’s complimentary bus service. There’s an early bird attraction with ten grand prizes each week. On-trend is the Club Giant Raffle, which offers winners a selection of fantastic prizes such as Club Rocky’s coupons, fuel vouchers and shopping vouchers.

Food, entertainment and events

Club Rocky’s offers its members an on-going program of events, including happy hour, karaoke and live bands. Club members can enjoy a variety of dishes at the two restaurants in the centre.

club rocky's casino review

Club Rocky’s Bistro 9 $10 is a place where guests can enjoy a varied dining experience that includes more than a dozen main dishes and a variety of starters. On the menu are battered fish and chips, lamb chops and beef brisket, along with their famous fish basket. Enjoy a Greek or Caesar salad, pork balls or chicken corn soup. Together with Bistro 9 $10, Mei Garden provides members with an extensive Asian menu.

If you are interested in a particular type of event or party at Club Rocky’s, it can accommodate up to 80 people. Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, corporate events and other events are often held at Club Rocky’s. Professional service, a complete bar and tempting menu choices are part of the functional package.


Unlike other clubs, Rocky has maintained membership in a straightforward manner and charges a small fee for a basic membership. It makes perfect sense to join this club, especially if you want to have a diverse social experience. Anyone wishing to become a member must comply with all rules, guidelines and regulations on drinking laws, drug use, behaviour and dress codes.

Various forms of casual wear are not permitted, such as wearing football gear, cycling shorts and swimwear. Besides, all members must be well dressed, clean and tidy. Insulting or obscene clothing or remarks will never be tolerated. Club Rocky’s is dedicated to providing all VIP members with a friendly, supportive playing environment where they can meet friends, family, and acquaintances, have a fantastic time, enjoy food and drinks and socialize.


Club Rocky’s is a well-run club offering events and adventure every day. It is open seven days a week; members can dine, enjoy various games and interact throughout the day and into the night.

Members enjoy exclusive privileges and prizes for sporting events, meals, drinks and more. Happy Times provide a daily convivial atmosphere, and the emphasis is on live sports in the club. Overall, the club offers access to a selection of events, games and services at a competitive cost. Membership fees are minuscule, considering the numerous opportunities and benefits on offer.

If you’re looking for a fun time with friends that includes daily events, weekly draws, poker and bingo, as well as well-appointed amenities, then Club Rocky’s in Rockdale is the best place for you. However, for people who want the entire gaming experience that includes table games, digital gaming, and various poker events, this informative article will disappoint you. There are many great times for those who join Club Rocky’s, but the entire casino experience is not available.