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Casinos accepting ClickandBuy deposit method 2019

ClickandBuy is now an attractive alternative for clients that are considering depositing money online in a safe and protected way with only a few clicks. ClickandBuy has become one of the leading online payment methods. The way is relatively popular with online casino players because it has an eWallet enabling the consumers to easily finance their account, store online and draw cash handily and safely.

It’s safe and fast. The payment system has over 15 million consumers, and as soon as you combine them, you will have the opportunity to invest your money not just in many online casinos however in over 17,000 online shops too. ClickandBuy is a superb way to move your cash to internet casinos, only because it permits you to handle everything.

After a withdrawal was made from a poker site which takes ClickandBuy, the money could be transferred into a bank account or a credit/debit card. No alternate payment approaches are essential. The primary drawback is permitted to be made following the client has kept a minimum balance of $10 for at least ten consecutive days.

Click, and Purchase is an excellent choice not only in regards to eWallet. It helps the user to perform all online casinos which encourage ClickandBuy and utilise other banking alternatives like instant credit transfer, direct debit or charge or even prepaid charge. As a result of this, it is possible to close all your trades without needing to disclose your privacy and confidential information.

Opening an account is simple, so if you’ve decided to start an account and get started utilising ClickandBuy — just visit the official internet site and fill in the form — it is simple, quick and secure.

Internet shopping has been lately gaining expansion since the purchasing possibilities are quickly increasing. This makes ClickandBuy a highly-preferable choice, particularly when it comes to rapid transactions and superb security of their clients’ private and bank account information.

The Way to Open an Account?

Opening an account is rather straightforward. Just like 99 per cent of the other websites out there, you’ll need to follow the directions and fill in the form — it is as straightforward as that. As soon as you’re prepared with this component, you’ll have the ability to begin moving cash to the internet casino you’ve decided on.

Obviously, you have to be sure you have selected a trusted one, since although there are thousands of online casinos on the market — not all they may be trusted.

The top priority of the payment process is the information security and the safety, and that is the reason you may be sure that each one of your trades will be guarded. Not just your money but your personal information will be safeguarded too — this can be a fundamental issue to understand, mainly if you’re using a specific payment system a good deal.

Apparently, you may be having problems with the port of this website because not all people today understand how to enrol or move cash to the preferred online casino. If that’s how it is with you — call the 24/7 telephone line +49 (0)221 177 38 954. The service team will be delighted to help you personally and answer all your questions associated with the internet casino and gaming operations.

Another reason you may want to utilise ClickandBuy is the simple fact that there are lots of casinos which will provide you different bonuses in the event you meet specific requirements such as particular deposited amount, or merely for utilising ClickandBuy payment method.

Mobile Program

A growing number of users prefer making and shopping transactions online through their mobile devices. The secure and convenient payment system ClickandBuy offers its mobile application that’s been developed mainly for clients using their telephones or tablet computers so as to make their purchases or payments online.

ClickandBuy delivers a comfy, easy-to-use and secures summary of your payments and purchases made over the net. The machine keeps tabs on the trades made over the program, which features information that’s current, in addition to rapid balance checking.

The cellular application of ClickandBuy isn’t hard to utilise and now free to use. The amount of protection given by the program maintains the among this payment system’s regular site. The program also provides a simple log out role to all clients who download it to your own apparatus. A new part extended in the program is a cellular registration for new clients of ClickandBuy.


Presently, over 14 million consumers have selected ClickandBuy thanks to its security. The payment system provides modern IT infrastructure and community experts at the maximum level to guarantee continuing and excellent protection of its clients’ personal and bank account information.

The utmost privacy given by the payment system’s website is among the most significant characteristics of this machine. In reality, users are asked their private banking details just once over the full registration procedure. Additionally, they’re also always transmitted by TLS encoding.

The community pros of ClickandBuy 24/7 have tracked the information system. The machine can be supported by smart technical solutions to offer the payment system’s clients with all the best-quality security.

On account of this fact that ClickandBuy isn’t merely readily available to bodily customers, but also to retailers, the payment system program’s obtained an endorsement in line with the Electronic Currency Regulations 2011 and has been categorised as an Electronic Money Institution. It’s certified and licensed for security and quality in the maximum level and is exposed to monitoring, management and regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority.


Accepted at all significant online casinos and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, ClickandBuy is regarded not just as among those most-preferred, but also as among the most protected ones. It delivers a fantastic client and vendor protection policy and ensures complete satisfaction with its services, regardless of if the consumers choose its regular or its own cellular edition.

The digital wallet choice offers online casino gamers to make payments to casino and poker sites immediately without worrying about their sensitive personal or bank accounts information.