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Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Ikibu Casino : 100% Bonus Up to 100 + 50 Spins!
Ikibu Casino : 100% Bonus Up to 100 + 50 Spins!

Overall impression

Graphics - 98%
Gameplay - 95%
Bonuses - 92%
Value - 95%
Casino Information
Name:ikibu casino

Ikibu Casino Review New Zealand 2019

Gamification in casinos; in our opinion the best development of the last year. Ikibu is leading the way in adding game elements, so it is high time to visit this innovative casino! It goes without saying that many game developers like to store their best games in such a revolutionary casino. Big names like NetEnt, Microgaming (winner IGA 2018), Play N’Go and Side City Gaming are all in the party; but you will also find gems of smaller developers here.

A bit of online casino also offers LIVE Casino Games, Ikibu is no exception. In collaboration with Evolution Gaming you can play at Ikibu Casino Live Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino Hold’em and Baccarat.

The world of Ikibu

In Ikibu Ikki’s live, when you register you assume the role of this wonderful creature. Your journey starts in Kun’s Islet, your ‘birth’ village in Ikibu. Soon you will start looking for happiness and wealth, you will pass countless other villages and magical places in the world of Ikibu. Here you will find hidden bonuses, prizes and games. Your journey eventually leads you to Mount Ikki, where a hidden legendary treasure awaits you! It soon becomes clear that Ikibu is more than just a casino, it is an adventure. This gives an extra dimension to the game.

Level up!

You do not do all that traveling and discovering for nothing. In addition to the bonuses and new games, your Ikki grows by going up levels yourself. As a reward for achieving a new level you get seeds. These seeds are a means of payment that you can spend in the villages you visit for example for free spins in your favorite game.

The possibilities are endless and everyone can fill in his adventure himself. Or together. You are not alone in the world of Ikibu. You can join together on your adventure or challenge other players to play against each other for seeds. Are you looking for an online casino with variety and where you invested time in addition to money? Then maybe Ikibu is the casino for you!

Get off to a good start with a welcome bonus

Nice to level that, but of course you want to get started right away. They have thought of online casino at Ibiku; you get your first deposit doubled and another 50 free spins. With your second deposit you get another 50% extra bonus and 50 free spins. You immediately have enough resources to quickly level and get more bonuses and seeds! You can deposit fromĀ  10,00 nzd via eWallets and is free of charge, so you can start immediately! Payouts take around 24 to 48 hours, provided you have provided the right information when you register. So be careful when filling in data. In addition to the welcome bonus and your bonuses of leveling and discoveries, there is also the VIP program for players who come back often. So from the beginning to the end you fall into the butter with your nose.


Ibiku online casino is well supported on PC, tablet and telephone despite the beautifully designed world. And well supported, because an SSL Connection is implemented to ensure that all personal information and payments are secure. If you are not used to games (MMORPGs in particular), such a world can get used to in the beginning. The guys from Ikibu have done their best to make the trip an accessible experience for everyone. In our opinion, this has succeeded, you quickly feel at home in your village!

If you can not figure it out, then there is always (yes really, always!) A support staff present who answers your questions before you can say Ibiku! This can be done via the live chat, which is manned every day from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. at night and for night owls via e-mail. Soon they want to occupy the live chat 24/7, to serve the players even better. If you have trouble with your own playing behavior, let your account freeze. Ibiku offers players this possibility and supports this process if necessary. Want to know more about gambling addiction?


Innovative and refreshing. These are the two key words to describe Ikibu. For this reason, the young casino was nominated for the prestigious EGR awards, only two months after they went live. Now, twelve months later, they are still innovating and have the experience of being called an adult casino. We can recommend it to anyone to watch once, if only because the concept of the world in which you are a discoverer is so much fun. Ikibu is more than an online casino, it is a casino discovery trip!

Ikibu Casino : 100% Bonus Up to 100 + 50 Spins!