No Bonus Casino Review Canada 2019

You will wonder what to expect from this. A No Bonus Casino? But we love our casino bonuses! Do not be fooled because you actually get the most honest and clear bonus at No Bonus Casino online casino. You always get 10% cash back. No small print and no whining, but just always 10% back. We think it’s fantastic! The No Bonus Casino is a striking casino within the online gambling market. Unlike virtually any other online casino, the No Bonus Casino uses no bonuses, as the name suggests. Instead, the casino has an extensive loyalty program that is better than that of other online casinos.

Game offer No Bonus Casino

The No Bonus Casino has a range of games that is relatively limited compared to the larger online casinos. In the field of (video) slots, players can choose from a few dozen games. The live casino of the No Bonus casino, where a croupier leads the game from a studio, only has roulette and blackjack. The minimum bet varies from $ 1.00 to $ 25.00. In the field of table games, No Bonus Casino does very well with a wide choice of games. Among others, Carribean Stud, Pontoon and Casino Hold’em are among the options. The casino also has several attractive jackpot games, with jackpots ranging from a few thousand to even millions of dollars. Although there can not be played live against other players, there are several video poker games. Finally Keno can also be played on the website, which many casinos do not offer. With 25 different table games you can also go to No Bonus Casino online casino for live online roulette, live online blackjack and live online roulette. All this on different tables; such as American roulette, baccarat pro, blackjack single deck and more. If you want to play poker then of course you can! So play carribean stud poker or carribean stud low limit poker if you want to play with small amounts. And again; all this with the 10% cashback guarantee from NoBonusCasino online casino. And then the showpiece of NoBonusCasino online casino! The Live casino which is located in Malta but that you can play from the living room! Play along in a real casino while sitting comfortably on your laptop or desktop! You can choose from roulette, blackjack, punto banco and automatic roulette. And that all with real dealers and therefore that 10% cash back guarantee.

Bonus and loyalty

As the name of the casino already shows, the No Bonus Casino has no (welcome) bonus. Instead, the casino wants to treat every player like a real VIP. A bold choice, given that many players have their choice largely guided by welcome bonuses. Despite the absence of bonuses, there are still different ways for players to win extra money and prizes. The loyalty program of the No Bonus Casino is better than any other casino. One of the strongest points of the casino is the standard 10% cash back system. This means that all players get back 10% of their loss as standard. Do you have $100 play money, then you actually have $110 to play with when the 10% cashback is included. Points are also accumulated during play. For every $10.00 the player receives one point. With fifty points the player receives $5.00 play money. This amounts to another one percent cashback, for a total of 11%. What makes this whole system even more attractive is that there are no wagering requirements. At all online casinos, a bonus amount must be wagered at least x times before being released for cash. At many casinos this is more than thirty times, which in practice often means that there is still little bonus money left to collect after thirty bets. The No Bonus Casino has no additional conditions. Money that is refunded according to the cashback regulation can be collected immediately. In practice, the bonus / loyalty program of the No Bonus Casino is one of the better on the market.

Cashback for players

New players and existing players can all use the cashback action. The only rule is that you must have deposited money to make use of this. This is logical you can not get a refund if you do not deposit money. In the casino there are always days where you unfortunately do not win anything. You have already spent a lot of money, but it seems that luck is not on your side. This is of course a complete disappointment. If you are honest, you risk a bet to win a lot of money. Suppose you have experienced such a day then you get 10% of the money that you have spent back on your account. This credit is immediately available the next day so that you can continue playing immediately. The cashback action is not for new players, but for all players who deposit money. You spend so much longer with your money and you do not have a one-time extra in the form of a high welcome bonus.

Service and safety

The No Bonus Casino operates under a casino license from Malta. This means that the casino operates under strict requirements and is therefore completely safe for gamblers. The casino’s helpdesk profiles itself as ‘VIP Support’ and indeed does this for the most part.Everyone at No Bonus Casino online casino is a VIP and so they also treat the players. Anyone can always contact the Live Support live chat between 10 a.m. and 1 a.m. at night, if you need help outside those hours, you can send a message via the contact form or even contact the helpdesk by telephone. The customer service is accessible by chat, telephone and email and is generally fast and competent. In addition, there is also a very extensive FAQ on the website.


No Bonus Casino feels new, fresh and innovative. The Cashback guarantee makes the casino different from anyone else you can find online. The game offer is excellent thanks to NetEnt and you can always take a bet here safely. Actually there is no reason to create an account unless you are really attached to the welcome bonus. Then one last message about No Bonus Casino online casino. We have talked about the 10% money back promotions, as an extra bonus they also regularly offer 50% cashback promotions! We did not believe it at first but have tried it and after losing it, the next day 50% of the lost money was on the account, without grumbling.